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How can we help?

We can arrange meetings for you with your former partner or spouse and your lawyers for discussions to
explore reaching an agreement rather than going to court.

Why do they work?

If all attend with a positive attitude and a willingness to compromise and to achieve what is fair, we can guide and advise about what is achievable legally. This can save you money. It can also help you both to focus on the real issues and avoid unnecessary and often distracting correspondence.

When can we meet?

Meetings can be held at any stage before a final court hearing, even if you have started the court process.

What is agreed?

Financial information must be exchanged or agreed upon, preferably in advance. Once an agreement has been reached, it is recorded , usually in a document called the Heads of Agreement and then converted into a court order as part of the divorce proceedings, or if you have not been married (or entered into a civil partnership) then in a Separation Agreement.

A divorce is then settled by a Court Judge based on the agreed Court Order this avoids expensive Court and Lawyer fees